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Metamorphica - Mutations for your Roleplaying Game

What is Metamorphica?

Created by Johnstone Metzger

The Metamorphica is a collection of biological, psychic, and supernatural mutations. All of the mutations are grouped into tables so results can be randomly selected, using dice. These tables can be used to generate random mutations and mutant creatures, or the descriptions of these mutations can be used as an influence to spur creative thinking and flavor. The Metamorphica has been designed to work with a variety of different types of role-playing game campaigns, from top-secret government experiments and post-apocalyptic wastelands to four-color superheroes and the chaotic sorceries of dark fantasy. Because of this, it does not contain any specific rules—you and your gaming group will need to decide exactly how these abilities and features are represented in the rules you use in play.

The thing we really love about this product is many of the mutations can be used completely with flavor. No mechanics are necessary, though your table may want to add some. Below are some of the intriguing mutations.

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Mutation Tables:

Body Form

Albino, Alternate locomotion, Headless, Gliding Membranes, backwards parts, changing colors, flippers, hunchback, eyestalks, boils and sores, Antenna, Insect legs/arms, Multiple limbs, internal weapon, my personal favorite...exotic genitalia.

Body Functions:

Malformed mouth, No pain receptors, strong pheromones, Immune to disease/poison, frog tongue, extensible limbs, Excretions, enhanced muscles, Electrical generation, Prehensile hair, Infertile, rubber skin, suckers, saliva substitution,

Mind: Behaviour

Addicted, Drone, Compulsive liar, Berserker, Code of Honor, Daylight stasis, Depression, Breaks down, Phobia, Sexual Prowess, Motherliness, Narcolepsy, Transgender, Paranoia, Nightmares, Migratory, Obsessive, Stuttering, sleep walking

Mind: Cognition

Dyslexia, Eidetic Memory, Dreamless, Enhanced Senses, Attention Deficit Disorder, Dual brain, decreased mental capacity, genetic memory, Linguistic aptitude, transfer memories, insomnia, mindless, spatial perception

Psychic Powers:

Cause pain, Confuse, Cryokinesis, Erase memories, Life leech, Magnetic control, Precognition, Inhibiting field, Illusory Surroundings, Psychic Mirror, Death field generation, Enter mind, Fire on the head,

Supernatural Attributes:

Ability transfer, Become, two-dimensional, Breath weapon, Create darkness, Danger teleport, Demonologist, Animate objects, Armored Skin, Aura of Disgust, Crossbreed, burning body, Density control, Demonic phenomena

Unearthed Tips and Tricks! We bring you new and creative content for your to bring with you on your next adventure!

Character Concept:

The Scorpion

Extremely long braided hair. At the tip of the braids are daggers. This character uses their hair as a whip, slashing out with the dagger at its end. You can reflavor traditional attacks, or even change to using a whip to give you a bit of distance. The goal here is to describe aspects of your character's intricate use of their hair. From stinging bits of a long-haired ponytail with a dagger. To choking grapples as the hair weaves around your target.

Monster Variant:

Stupefying Wyvern

Origin: Wyvern:

New Feature:

Stupefying Gaze. The wyvern targets one creature it can see within 30 feet of it. If the target can see the wyvern, the target must succeed on a DC14 Constitution saving throw against this gaze or take 10 (4d6) psychic damage and then be paralyzed for 1 minute. The target can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. If the target's saving throw is successful, or if the effect ends on it, the target is immune to the stupefying gaze of all wyverns for 1 hour.


Corpse Mimic

Our heroes enter a local dungeon to find a lifeless corpse laying on the ground. Likely they will investigate. Upon which a mimic comes to life and surprise attacks one of our heroes.

This mimic has found prime hunting grounds. Every time someone investigates, it attacks, then takes on the new shape of the person is attacked.

This can easily be tossed into any current adventure.

Magic Item:

Baby Changeling via discord

The Lion’s Maw:

Armor (shield), rare


While wielding this shield, when you use an action to shove a creature, you may use a bonus action to speak the shield's command word. If you do the lion embossed on the shield comes to life for an instant and mauls the target dealing 3(1d6) piercing damage.

Dungeon Master Tip:

Facebook: Jason Shores

Spread your love for DnD

If you have the dnd starter kit, save the sheets, or make copies of them. If you’ve finished with it, and don’t plan to run it anymore, take your starter kit to your local Goodwill, or another thrift store for someone else. I plan to do this as soon as I have enough dice and don’t need the originals.

If you wanna get real fancy, print off some free adventure modules from the DMsguild to toss into it as well.

Player Tip: Don’t be a Dick

Track that HP without words!

Gabe Kleinert:

Are you a healer in the party?

Does constantly asking a player for their HP a bother you?

Are you sick of constantly tracking everyone’s hp?

Well don’t worry, we got the solution for you!

You can purchase a bunch mardi gras necklaces, and whenever a player’s hp drops by 25% just add a necklace as a visual indicator. So at 75% of your max add one on, at 50% add another, and so on. That way, you don’t necessarily need to verbalize the hp out loud, everyone knows at a glance(just like their characters could) and know roughly how severe someone’s health is.

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