• Justin Handlin

Midgard Heroes Handbook: Bard Class Analysis

Crit Academy starts its series covering Kobold Press’ Midgard Heroes Handbook. The Midgard Campaign Setting is a dark world of deep magic started by Wolfgang Baur and fleshed out by his team. It’s flavored with Central European myth and folklore - from the frozen Northlands to its wild steppes, dark forests, and craggy mountains.

Midgard Heroes Handbook has over 200+ pages of pure gold! Including:

New Races, Subclasses, Feats and more. In this episode, we cover the Bard of College of Entropy and the Greenleaf College.

BARD: Entropy College

Bards of the College of Entropy are itinerated gamblers and daring thrill-seekers whose actions are supremely unpredictable. Rather than relying on ancient lore or skill with arms, these bards throw themselves into new challenges just to see what happens, trusting in luck to see them through. They’re called luck stealers (with a mixture of derision and respect) because no matter how bad things get for everyone around them, these bards always seem to come out unscathed.


The Greenleaf College was founded by elfmarked who sought to record their varied heritage. Drawing from elven lore and power, Greenleaf bards strengthen their connection to nature. Through their magic and their tales, they convey the rejuvenating strength of the forests and rivers to their allies.

Give a listen to hear our thoughts on the subclasses and their unique features.

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Character Concept:

From Bombarded Podcast: Raz’ul

A Truly “Wild” Shape,

Can’t control what animals he shifts into.

Using a percentile die. Strength Range band*see what I did there?*

20 - 30% maybe a wolf, 40-50% lion or 60-90% brown bear and a Critical roll allows changing out of CR limit. Changing into something he couldn’t normally turn into. (CR or even nonbeast type)

Likewise, critical fail changes into weak CR. maybe a cat? Or a frog?

Monster Variant: Sloth Mammoth

Origin: Mammoth

New Features: