• Justin Handlin

Midgard Heroes Handbook: Fighter Class Analysis Guide

Crit Academy covers Kobold Press’ Midgard Heroes Handbook. The Midgard Campaign Setting is a dark world of deep magic started by Wolfgang Baur and fleshed out by his team. It’s flavored with Central European myth and folklore - from the frozen Northlands to its wild steppes, dark forests, and craggy mountains. Today they cover their favorite Fighter Class Archetypes.

Midgard Heroes Handbook has over 200+ pages of pure gold! Including:

New Races, Subclasses, Feats, and more. In this episode, we cover the Bard of College of Entropy and the Greenleaf College.

FIGHTER: Clanking Mercenary

The Clanking Legion is a legendary mercenary company, composed of roughly half gearforged and half beings of flesh and blood. Fighters who emulate the Clanking Mercenary archetype see the flexibility of flesh in steel and the strength of metal in their own bodies and minds.


The peerless Edjet is the backbone of the mighty Dragon Empire’s military. These brutal warriors are trained to fight in deadly formations. Hardy and resolute, the Edjet are most commonly dragonkin, but lesser races sometimes surprise their scaled masters by aspiring to

draconic perfection.

FIGHTER: Ghost Knight

The Order of Knights Incorporeal, or Ghost Knights, arose in the principalities of Morgau and Doresh. Fighters who follow the Ghost Knight archetype draw power from undeath and bring themselves closer to that grim fate in service to their vampiric and ghoulish masters.

FIGHTER: Griffon Knight The griffon riders of Zobeck were devastated during the fall of House Stross, so they now have only a shadow of their former glory. These days, most griffon riders are mercenaries and hedge knights, but a few still nobly defend the realm as members of the Order of the Griffon Knights. Led by their doughty dwarven commander Sir Markus Lineguard, the Griffon Knights patrol the Great Northern Road and keep the Free City safe from attackers. Griffon knights swear an oath of allegiance to both the order and to their griffon mounts. The knights put the safety and health of their steeds above all else; you are not a griffon knight without a griffon to ride.

FIGHTER: ShieldBearer

The archetypal Shieldbearer of the Ironcrag Cantons is a staunch bulwark against any foe. Fighters who emulate this archetype become one with their shields, bolstering their defensive power and even turning it into a crushing weapon.

FIGHTER: Sword-Dancer

Sword-dancers blur the line between warrior and courtier. The first sword-dancers hailed from the sultan’s court in the city of Siwal in the Southlands. Sword-dancers are graceful and charming, with wits as sharp as their flashing blades. Fighters who follow the sword-dancer archetype often attach themselves to powerful lords as bodyguards, spies, and diplomats.

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