• Justin Handlin

Feats and Customization Options

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Crit Academy takes a walk through the Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook and discusses the plethora of feats and customization options for players. We pick out some of our favorites and share our thoughts on why we love them. We also talk on how to get the most out of them, and which are great for optimized character builds.

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Character Concept:

Breaker of the 4th Wall

Imagine it. One day you’re packing up your D&D books and heading off to your weekly gaming session, but on the way some sort of magical explosion occurs. Next thing you know, you’re dodging horse-drawn carriages and being yelled at by elves and dwarves trying to push their way past you. Could it be? Could you have somehow been… pulled into the game?

Imagine playing a modern-day person from the real world who has been transported into

a D&D campaign. On one hand, everything magic, dragons, gold, and treasure - is new

and exciting to them. On the other hand, the “character” knows that the world is fictional,

and they have no clue how to get back. Also, no running water is going to get real annoying real fast.

What class is your character? How do their abilities from “real life” translate in-game?

Maybe they’re a bard, and by singing real-life songs they can produce insane magical effects. Maybe they’re a Cleric and they gain their divine power not from their devotion to a god, but their devotion to the game that they know they’ve been transported into. This character concept probably lends itself more easily to a less serious campaign, but with a bit of work it could bring some unique flair to any group.

Encounter Concept:

Nothing seems out of the ordinary; the players encounter a monster or hostile NPC, and a fight breaks out. But, when they come to blows, the players realize that the creature they’re fighting is host to something much more insidious and dangerous than they expected!

It may or may not be visible, but the enemy is infested by a colony of horrifying, flesh eating

parasites. The foe could be a mummy covered in ravenous scarabs, a skeleton filled with squirming green worms, or a psychic beast carrying invisible parasites seeking out a new

host so they can spread their contagion. When a player strikes the enemy with a melee weapon, or when they are struck by an unarmed attack or natural weapon from the enemy, one of the parasites latches onto the player and begins burrowing into their flesh. From there it will slowly work its way toward the player’s heart. The player might take damage each round, the parasites might take control of the player’s faculties (treated like a Dominate Person spell), or it might outright kill them after a certain number of rounds.