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Have You Heard? 10 Rumors for your Dungeons & Dragons Game

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D&D: Have You Heard?

When venturing into a world of fantasy and roleplaying in Dungeons & Dragons, or really any RPG. Many adventures start in a variety of different ways. This could be job boards, town criers, or just a stranger approaching the characters just cause they appear to be adventurers. The most common of these are seeds placed throughout the characters' interactions with locals in the form of rumors. Below is a list of 10 rumors and events that can help flesh out your stories and campaigns.

Have You Heard? 10 Rumors for your Dungeons & Dragons Game

1. The dwarven prospector Liftrasa Gembeard passed away recently. Living to the ripe old age of 327, it was her time. As any respectable businesswoman, she left a will that layouts the details of how her business and wealth is to be distributed. Being of the mind “Ye better work fer yer gold!” meant she split her wealth. All of her gold and coin was to be donated to local charities that help take in and educate orphans. The business half was gifted to her two children Githur and Barbena, and they are absolutely furious.

2. Word is getting around that Jasper Honeypot may be into some sketchy business practices. Jasper runs a honeybee farm and sells the honey by weight. More and more people are saying that the amount they pay for doesn’t seem to last as long. A few bakers took the honey home and weighed them on their own scales and learned that their weight didn’t match Jaspers. Furious that he rigged the scales to rob them, the customers tore down Jasper's booth in the market. He insists “Calm down, it’s all just a misunderstanding”.

3. The temple priestess Atala Dumein was attacked and severely wounded and robbed of a ritual gold goblet. Two days later a rundown building used by beggars and thieving crews were burned to cinders in an explosion. Several beggars went to the temple for treatment that night. The next day the golden goblet was apparently returned.

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4. Wit Quicktongue, a traveling bard was performing a savage and hilarious comedy show at the expense of an arrogant nobleman. With a charm that can swoop anyone off their feet (which he does). Wit learned many of the nobles' complete and utter failures thanks to the nobleman’s unfaithful wife. Wit’s performance quickly garnered lots of returning customers. Unfortunately, Wit disappeared before he could put on this final scheduled show before leaving. Some say the nobleman put out a warrant for Wit’s arrest before his disappearance.

5. The gift of foresight is one that few have, and fewer still that can interpret them with any accuracy. Sora Umbyrhrael is a dragonborn prophet who can see glimpses into the future of weather patterns. She can use this to accurately determine the quality of the next harvest. Word has it that a note was found of her prediction of a poor crop harvest just before a savage winter. The word got out and many are rushing to gather all they can from the food markets. The trampling and frightened crowd have forced the guards to be called to control the mob, with little or no luck.

6. Viceroy Ander Windiver’s son hasn’t been seen in days. Some believe him to have been kidnapped, yet there hasn’t been a single demand or ransom. Some are beginning to speculate on the timing. In a few days, the young Erin Windiver is set to wed his betrothed. This is a decision Erin had made clear he wasn’t interested in. It was a political move by his parents. He may just have run away. Word is that his betrothed is said to be the personality of a Beholder, and a face to match.

7. A large number of civilians in the Lower District have been getting violently ill. Suffering from fevers, fatigue, muscle cramping, and coughing blood. The guards were baffled until a body of a halfling was discovered in the district’s well. Worse than that, it's reported that there were broken vials and flasks with the corpse as well. A cleric was called to purify the water, but nobody knows if the poisoning was on purpose or just a side effect of the assassination.

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8. A warehouse near the port burned to the ground a tenday ago. The entire port and all the goods nearly went up with it too, but a cloaked figure arrived and released magic from the powerful sleet spell. It prevented the fire from spreading too far, but unfortunately, a few civilians were caught in its effect and died. Some people think they saw old man Alon Bevyn, of the alchemy shop’s face under the cloak. It was after all his shop was one of the next ones to burn. He vehemently insists he doesn’t know anything about it. Good thing too, cause the families of those who froze to death are seeking justice.

9. A Broken Joint tavern owner Karg Irontooth was convinced by a gnome stranger that his business would benefit from a headband of intellect. Some of the regulars overheard that the gnome was selling it at a steep discount. Of course, Karg couldn’t resist this steal. He has always been a bit slow. Getting hustled by smarter ones than him. Unfortunately, he had been bamboozled. The thing has been stuck on his head for days, apparently, he can’t take it off. The worse part is they say that while he wears it, he can only speak the truth. Which hasn’t been great for his family and business relationships.

10. A group of assassins really stepped on some shite. Somehow they had managed to slip past the ridiculous amount of guards and wards. Of course, they were seen being punished. Tasked with chamberpot cleaning duty *hehe* for their failure. The strange thing is, after getting through the hard part, one of the assassins after Duke Conalt’s head, tripped and stumbled into his chamber pop, alerting the guards and the duke. It was a really messy situation, but one I’m sure the Duke was happy to have to clean up.

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