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Healing Potion Generator

Magic permeates the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy world and is at the core of sword and sorcery games. Magic comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from powerful artifacts that keep cities afloat in the sky, to a magical blade that bursts into flame with a simple command word. But of all the magical power that suffuses the world, the most common, and in many cases the most valuable to an adventurer, is the healing potion.

Adventuring is dangerous work, and it is almost a guarantee, no matter how powerful, agile or tactful an adventurer is, they will end up wounded. Whether it be by blade, spell, claw or tooth. It is certain to happen. These magical alchemic mixtures are a life safer and the unsung hero of an adventuring party’s success.


One of the best parts of playing a roleplaying game is collecting loot. Unfortunately, as a GM it is very easy to hand out too many magical items, and quickly find that you’ve allowed your characters to become too powerful. This can make the game difficult to balance. So, the obvious decision is to include less magical items, but then that means one of the best parts of the game is often left to the wayside.

That’s where consumables such as potions come into play. The beauty of them is that you can easily toss them into a game as a reward, giving the characters and players a feel of success and progress. Since they are often one and done resources, you can continue to drop them in, and if you happen to toss one in that’s a bit too powerful, its ok, because you only have to deal with it once. The best part about these, is that the GM can give them to monsters and NPC’s as well.


This is a small part of much larger idea we are working toward, hopefully full magic item creation based on this affixes system. We are looking for any feedback you can provide. Keep in mind this is a work in progress.

Below you will find that we have created affixes for potions. Each affix has a unique feature tide to its name. This allows for the GM to be able to roll on the table to generate magical healing potions on the fly as rewards or pick from the list and combine affixes to make a variety of different healing potions.

Healing Potion Generator V1 7-30-20
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