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Health, Armor, and Endurance in Tabletop Games

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

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Raging Swan Press: 10 Difficult to Sell Treasures

“Perhaps the items are apparently worthless, stolen or just only of interest to a subset of people. Others might have a moral dimension. For example, would a paladin be fine with selling unholy symbols wrenched from around the necks of slain evil cultists?”

This ornate ivory candlestick holder stands almost two-foot tall. It depicts a naked, lascivious succubus standing in a provocative, seductive pose with its arms raised high above its head. The demon's face has a look of pure lust upon it. Clearly, the candlestick was commissioned by an evil, depraved individual.

The top of this dwarven skull has been sliced off and its eye sockets, mouth and other orifices crudely filled with silver. A cast iron handle has been fused to the skull where the vertebra should be. This macabre drinking cup was once used by a hill giant chieftain to toast his victories.

With a plain, battered leather cover this small book at first glance doesn't seem particularly noteworthy. A PC perusing the text discovers it comprises several short plays. Written by an unknown hand, all the plays lampoon and deride the current ruler of the kingdom. It is a seditious, banned work and is one of a dozen or so copies still in circulation. Those caught with the work are guilty of treason.

Give Away: Loresmyth: Modular Dungeon Tiles - Arcania

Modular dungeon tiles are an easy way to create your own beautiful digital maps. The Arcania