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How to become a Professional Dungeon Master in Dungeons & Dragons

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

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Becoming a paid Dungeon Master is a bit of a dream for many Dungeons & Dragons players. While others think that it is just ridiculous. Today we discuss how to become a professional Dungeon Master with Devon Chulick of Start Playing Games.

Devon shares with us the details of what exactly is Start Playing Games and how it can be used to help gamers deliver a fantastic service to those who don't have the time, knowledge or time to prepare and run their own stories and campaigns. Not unlike deciding to go to a movie. Player's can seek out a Dungeon Master that runs the type of games THEY want. Whether it's complex political intrigue, dungeon crawls, or exploration you're looking for. There is always a Dungeon Master out there to fit your needs.

Join us as we delve into the negative connotations of paid DMing and how to end them, the steps you can take to start running paid games today utilizing how Start Playing Games can help connect you with paying customers. Who knows, if you're really good you might be able to do it full time and leave the dreary 9-5 job.

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D&D Character Concept: Nissa Timbers

Description: She is a physically imposing dark-skinned gnome. She is well dressed, constantly wearing a red suit, black shirt, and goggles. Her hair is long and black with streaks of red and is pulled back with small clips. Her eyes are a light blue, almost silver. A claw-like birthmark upon her brow.

Personality: She has a massive crush on adventurers in polished gleaming armor. She is however stingy and a bit of a copper pincher. Thus, she will always demand payment and proof of collateral's value and will produce a merchant's scale to make sure she is not cheated out of a single copper when doing business.

History: She was born a particularly ugly child, much to the horror of her parents. Her mother was supposedly a charlatan fortune teller, but she insists her mother was legitimate. She has since bloomed into a respectable visage and now mingles about in high society.

Motivation: She seems to be bored by most things; and she is compelled to act according to her religious beliefs, regardless of what others think.

D&D Monster: Prosperous Innkeeper

Origin Statblock: Priest

Lost Features: Divine Eminence Spell List, Swap Int and Wisdom stats, change weapon to shortsword.

New Spell List:

Cantrips: friends, light, prestidigitation

1st Level: absorb elements, charm person, sleep

2nd level: calm emotions, suggestion

3rd Level: counterspell, enemies abound,

Arcane Blade. As a bonus action, the prosperous innkeeper can expend a spell slot to cause its melee weapon attack to magically deal an extra 10 (3d6) force damage to a target on a hit. This benefit lasts until the end of the turn. If the prosperous innkeeper expends a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the extra damage increases by 1d6 for each level above 1st.

D&D Encounter: Undeserved Prison

The characters have delved deep into a dungeon. While wandering the halls they stumble across a complex set of arcane glyphs on one side of the hallway. A character that succeeds on a DC 19 Intelligence (Arcana) check identifies the glyph as a warning of demonic summoning in progress. This glyph is across from a hidden room designed for the summoning of extraplanar beings to be bound and enslaved. The room is hidden behind an illusionary wall. A character that succeeds on a DC 19 Intelligence (Investigation) check they can see through the illusion. Inside is a massive chamber with glyphs and glowing runes sits a large crackling red barrier. Inside is a snarling and screaming serpentine demonic creature with six arms. An angry marilith is trapped inside. No sound can be heard from the chaotic scene in front of the characters. The room contains a permanent enchantment for the silence spell. The character can break the permanent inverted magic circle to free the creature, or attempt to help it return to its home plane. The creature just wants to be freed, as it has been bound in its prison for a very very long time.

D&D Magic Item: Arcane Tent - by Hydrall

Wondrous item, rare

This wondrous item takes the form of a normal-sized two-person tent. Setting up the tent takes ten minutes of effort. What appears to be an ordinary tent, yurt, or otherwise culturally appropriate transient dwelling from the outside is revealed to be significantly larger on the inside.

Upon stepping through the entrance flap the individual finds themselves in a larger than expected space - containing 240 sq ft of floor room and a 15ft high ceiling, with a small kitchen, separated outhouse, and a central hearth and sitting area. There are enough beds and accommodations for 4-6 people to sleep comfortably, even if more may fit physically.

Rain will not enter through the roof, but the tent is not waterproof and will flood if submerged. Air also enters the tent from outside, leaving those within vulnerable to suffocation or otherwise if something should happen to that air.

If the tent is punctured or damaged to a significant degree (AC 11, HP 15, resistant to all damage except fire and acid), the magic will cease to function until repaired with the mending spell. All creatures and objects inside will be dumped into the space of the two-person tent, possibly breaking it further, and until repaired it will function like the tent it appears to be.

Additionally, the tent has a number of furnishings and furniture which are bound to it; these will remain inside at all times, and cannot be removed. If destroyed, the furniture will reappear the next time the tent is set up. Any objects left inside will be dumped out after the tent is dismantled.

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D&D Dungeon Master Tip: Evolving Monsters

Oftentimes we as DMs use monsters and NPC villains as one and done. Instead, consider having enemies that flee, return to encounter the characters again later in the story. If a reasonable amount of time has passed since their last encounter, consider enhancing them. EIther giving them magical items, new spells or combat maneuvers. Even consider features from some of the D&D classes. Let the characters see an enemy evolve over time and grow in strength and strategy. This makes it clear that the characters aren’t the only ones working to improve themselves to overcome a challenge. Additionally, it creates a feeling of a living and growing world.

D&D Player Tip: Don’t be a Dick Gamerrant - John Higgs Full Article

The Eldritch Chanter can be played either as a front-line, or a back-line Blaster. The combo we're talking about here is specifically Bard/Warlock, with Bard as the primary class, and Warlock as a two-level dip.

The strength of the Eldritch Chanter comes from the fact that the Warlock is an extremely front-loaded class, offering large amounts of damage and utility with just a two-level investment. The core of this DPS comes from the combination of Eldritch Blast, widely recognized as the best damage Cantrip in the game, and the Invocation Agonizing Blast that Warlocks can pick up at level 2 to add their Charisma Modifier to Eldritch Blast. Because Eldritch Blast adds an extra attack at level 5, rather than simply an extra die like most Cantrips, this Agonizing Blast bonus doubles even for Multiclass characters when they reach 5th level. This, combined with Spell Slots that recover on a Short Rest and the many unique powers that can be gained from another Eldritch Invocation, make the Eldritch Chanter a fun, thematic and powerful caster class.

But that's not all, for those who'd prefer to wade into melee than hurl spells from the rear-line, the Hexblade Warlock subclass can completely change how the Eldritch Chanter plays. While it also grants proficiency in Medium Armor, Shields and Martial weapons, the main draw of the Hexblade is the ability to make weapon attacks using Charisma rather than Strength or Dexterity. This allows an Eldritch Chanter to lean fully into Charisma as their primary Ability Score, boosting their spell-casting while retaining an impressive punch in melee combat.

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