• Justin Handlin

How to Create and Run Mini-Games in Dungeons & Dragons

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Adventurers spend a great deal of time delving into dungeons, uncovering lost secrets, and slaying monsters. In between all the action, they need a bit of a break from the familiar. What better way than with Mini-Games? Well then hold on to your dice and join us as we discuss how to create and run Mini Games in Dungeons & Dragons.

Crit Academy interviews Game Designer Geoffery Golden. Geoffrey has written for Capcom, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Disney, and indie studios around the world. Driven by a love for telling compelling interactive stories in a variety of mediums, his work spans TTRPGs, console games, mobile games, zines, comic books and much more. Below is an outline for the interview.

What is a Mini-Game?

Definition – As I see it, a mini-game is a standalone game that lives within a larger game experience. (Versus, say, a “micro RPG,” which is a small game that lives entirely on its own, or a puzzle trap in a castle, which I’d call an “element.”)

Adventurers have Hobbies too.

Fun – I see the value of mini-games as adding a type of entertainment experience to the table players wouldn’t normally get from a typical session. For example, a casino-type card game or an icebreaker “getting to know our characters” game.