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How to Run Dungeons and Dragons Combat that Flows

How to Run Dungeons and Dragons Combat that Flows

Do you want to know how to run amazing combat in D&D? Well thanks to our friend Zipperon Disney! We have some powerful tips that can help you deliver some of the best flowing D&D combat possible!

Dungeons & Dragons combat is arguably one of the best parts of the game. Of course, everyone loves exploration, lore, and roleplay. But, but building characters often comes down to the core of what it can do in combat. When we play D&D, we are trying to recreate these epic fantasy fight scenes from our favorite movies or books. Why does a Michael Bay action scenes seem to drag on, but forty minutes of the battle of helms deep keep you on the edge of your seat? The secret? Is pacing and flow of the combat!

Now, this isn't about making combat faster. We know combat can be slow. But this isn't the problem that most of us have. The problem that most of our games have is that they lack flow! In our interview, we learn that the goal of DM is to run better combat by keeping the action moving across the table. This is done by keeping a good rhythm from turn to. The building and releasing of tension and smoothing the transition between turns.

So, the big question. How do we do this? Zipperon introduces a fantastic statement that helps and reminds us of the best way to improve our flow is to...

"Dramatize transitions by creating exigency, then prompt activity and compress the resolution."

The scenes need to be treated more like a massive mural. Using fewer words allows the players to do what they do best, use their imagination. Keeping a consistent momentum is much more important than detailed descriptions, no matter how graphic they may be. This means keeping the story and narrative moving forward into the next action, where we prompt the next player in the scene with "Thorg lunges at the troll with a wide arching swing. Sorin places his hand upon his hilt. What is Sorin doing? Like looking at a massive beautiful architectural mural, you move from one side of the scene to the next, with seamless transitions. This takes the focus of narration off a player's turn and moves it to the transition between turns between characters. The reason for this is simple, it's arguably the best place to release tension and build drama. Watch the full episode as Zipperon shares his experiences and combat flow.

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Character Concept:

Hustler Charlatan

Pretends to be blind. Blind Seer

Provided by Zipperon Disney

A charlatan who has limited divination magic who pretends to be blind because they figure people would pay more money for a blind seer.

-Take Fighter, Eldritch Knight is a good archetype.

- Take Blind Fighting Style from Unearthed Arcana.