• Justin Handlin

How to Run Hardcore Combat in Dungeons & Dragons with Grit & Glory Advanced Player's Guide

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Brace Yourself…

From project lead Apostol Aostolov and a talented community of DMs we discuss Grit & Glory!

For decades, running realistic campaigns using the world's greatest role-playing game has been an impossible feat. Previous editions showered players with supernatural abilities and magic items until only monsters of legend present a formidable challenge.

In this episode, we discuss Grit and Glory, an Advanced Player's Guide to low fantasy and expanded combat, equipment, attrition, and recovery rules that focus on gritty gameplay.

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Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is a welcome break from tradition. The bounded accuracy, reasonable power curve, and flexible core rules need only a few changes to allow for campaigns where players struggle to survive and face the unexpected consequences of combat.