• Justin Handlin

Increase your Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Experience with Weapon Histories

100 Weapon Histories: This list of 100 interesting weapon stories are great for adding great story to mundane or magical weapons in your Dungeons and Dragons game. A player can take their roleplay to the next level by using these histories in their character's background, or adventuring carrier. These also make for a great DM plot hook. A weapon used to murder a queen? I bet it's famous enough to be recognized by servants of the slain queen.

We've picked three of our favorites for discussion and how can we get the most out of it from a roleplay or hook perspective. View the full episode for our breakdown and interview with DnDSpeak's Casey Willis! Get this product and many more here on his website!

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  • This weapon was forged by the High Artificer of an ancient kingdom for the coronation ceremony of Prince Darek Half-Elven the Zerule. The prince’s treacherous brother used it to slay Darek as he was being crowned and then fled the land with the weapon. A Royal Assassin tracked down the brother and used the weapon to kill him, thus giving it its nickname, the “Prince Slayer”.

  • The hilt has a notch for each kill made with the weapon. Although it was wielded by a great hero for many years, it only has one notch.

  • This weapon is the physical key to a ship now haunted. Once belonging to a great pirate to hide his founded wealth it is now the only way to restore the ship to its former glory (the treasure being the ship itself). While the weapon is inserted into the keyhole a silent ghost crew works about the ship managing its sails. Without the weapon inserted it creates an illusion that it is haunted once again, great for anti-theft!


  • The wood in this weapon was provided willingly for the original owner, by a powerful forest god. Each following bearer has either sought out the God’s blessing, or warred with nature itself.

  • A wizard failed his experiment and transformed into this weapon.

  • The weapon is named after a powerful weapon once wielded by a great hero of legend. Everyone seems to have different versions of who it was wielded by and what that individual used it for, though.


  • This weapon was found in the body of an ancient monster that even the gods feared.

  • A weapon that bleeds. It is said that it was originally made to draw blood from one’s foes weakening them further even as it made a wound. Later it came into possession of a cult that was very fond of sacrificing creatures to their dark god.The weapon was used to kill the victims of the cult and after the deed was done,it would be left to lie in a pool of blood.After a century of being used by the cult the weapon was done. It was overfilled with blood. So now it bleeds blood.

  • This weapon has been a favorite for all who have ever wielded it. It radiated with bright light in the hands of all who have held it, but in yours, it emanates only shadow.


This weapon was reforged from the shattered weapons of three mighty heroes who slew each other in the final hours of the Battle of Dagford Keep. It was assembled to signify a new truce between the three kingdoms.

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