• Justin Handlin

Legendary Bestiary: Legendary Actions for Low-Level Monsters

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Watch Live: 7pm Est 4/19/20

Crit Academy discuss the Legendary Bestiary: Legendary Actions for Low-Level Monsters. Legendary Actions are one of the coolest, most memorable aspects of fifth edition! As a DM, they allow you to make dynamic choices throughout a combat round, not just relying on a single action to make a huge impact. This element of unpredictability keeps the more tactics-minded players guessing as well, which is likely a big reason they come to the table. This fantastic supplement provides you with the tools to enhance those lower level monsters to give your player characters a swift kick the dice.

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Buffing the Way of the Four Elements Monk If your Dungeon Master is willing to use house rules, consider using the following house rules to buff the Way of the Four Elements subclass:

  • Reduce the ki cost of all Elemental Disciplines by 2 (to a minimum of 1). This cost reduction is applied after you spend additional ki to raise the spell’s level. For example, the Fist of Four Thunders discipline lets you cast thunderwave for 2 ki. This cost is reduced to 1. Casting the spell at 2nd level increases the ki cost to 3, but it still only costs 1 ki point after the cost reduction of 2 points.

  • At 3rd level, you learn the Elemental Attunement discipline as normal, and two other disciplines of your choice (instead of just one).

  • You learn two new disciplines at 6th, 11th, and 17th level (instead of just one), and can replace any discipline you know with another one that you meet the level requirements to learn when you gain a level in this class.

  • You can also learn two cantrips of your c