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Let's Get Started...Again: D&D Race Analysis

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

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We discuss race stats and features and what classes get the most bang for the buck.

We have been doing the show for over two years, and some how, we have missed covering the races in the book. So we decided to make a new episode 0. One that showcases the show's newest format as well as the improvements we've made over the years. 

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Show Notes:

Hello and welcome Heroes to the “Crit Academy!” I am your host Justin and I’m your guest(name). This D&D podcast was created to provide you, our Heroes, with new and reusable material for both, players and DMs. We hope to inspire you with creative content that you can bring with you on your next adventure. Our show may not be suitable for young children, but neither are our D&D games.

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Thanks for joining us today at the “Crit Academy” studios where everything is made up and your rolls don’t matter. Yup, that’s right; your rolls are like a world without unique races.

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Today’s Highlights:

Segment 1: In the Realm: (Where we discuss anything of interest going on in our personal lives.)

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Segment 2: Crit Nation Feedback: Let’s talk about Blank! (Answer questions!)

Bret Thompson

Leveling characters based on the player’s ability to manage their character sheet. The Gary said “never let a player level up, if they don’t understand their character sheet.” Obviously all the players at the table will get a handle on their sheet at different times. When the whole team has it they level up. Designing encounters to make all the players use all their shit...if players wonder why its taking so long, give inspiration/reflavor abilities ect.

Segment 3: Main Topic:


Features of Note:

Con + 2


Dwarven Resilience

Dwarven Combat Training

Tool Proficiency

Stonecunning - Does this really come into play?

Sub Races:

Hill - Wis increase, Toughness - hit point increase

Mountain: strength increase OMG +2? And +2 Con? Damn! Proficiency with light/medium armor