• Justin Handlin

Let's Talk Dungeons and Dragons

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The hosts of the Crit Academy Introduce themselves in their first ever episode and talk about their experiences with roleplaying and D&D and why they now play 5th Edition.

We discuss the tools and investment that it takes to get started and how to make sure your game gets a great start.

We start by breaking down what the stats that determine character capabilities and what they represent in game and how you can get the most out out of them. Especially how to really enjoy low stats.

We recommend getting started with WoTC's free Basic Rules found here.

We apologize for the change in the audio, we had a mic going bad right out of the box.

A great random generator called DonJon can be found here.

Unearthed Tips and Tricks Segment:

Character Concept:

Long Lived.

Age is a commonly overlooked part of character creation. Ancient characters may know much more about the world than younglings, but they see the world through an outdated lense.

This character is a ridiculously old, elf druid. He’s stopped counting, or forgotten, exactly

how old he is. Most folk know him as the ‘senile old man,’ but, over many centuries, he’s stored more knowledge than most could ever hope to possess.

Encounter Idea:

Wall Running Assassin

The players are tasked with stopping an assassin before he is able to kill his mark. However, as they locate the assassin and begin pursuit, the party realizes their quarry is craftier than they assumed; the assassin is able to run along walls and ceilings to escape!

Following the assassin will prove difficult (requiring Athletics checks or clever teamwork

to overcome obstacles and barriers on the way), but even when they engage in combat, fighting an opponent who is standing upside-down above them can throw them off balance! The players may take disadvantage on attack rolls due to the difficulty of attacking someone on the ceiling, or maybe the assassin has advantage due to being so familiar with his own ability.

It’s important to keep in mind that, in this scenario, the assassin’s goal is not to kill the

players, it’s to kill his mark. If he sees a way to escape, he’s going to do it. If he is able to kill his target, think about the repercussions: will the city guard believe that a group of mercenary adventurers fought a masked assassin that was walking along the ceiling?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Magic Item Idea:

The Boomerang Daggers is a set of daggers with curved blades. When thrown, Boomerang

Daggers will return to the hand of the owner at the end of the turn they are thrown.

Have you ever created a thrown-weapon master and been in the middle of combat

with nothing left to throw? Never again! The Boomerang Daggers are a set of daggers with

curved blades that, when thrown, come back to the thrower l