• Justin Handlin

Metamorphica - Mutations for your Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game

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What is Metamorphica?

Created by Johnstone Metzger

The Metamorphica is a collection of biological, psychic, and supernatural mutations. All of the mutations are grouped into tables so results can be randomly selected, using dice. These tables can be used to generate random mutations and mutant creatures, or the descriptions of these mutations can be used as an influence to spur creative thinking and flavor. The Metamorphica has been designed to work with a variety of different types of role-playing game campaigns, from top-secret government experiments and post-apocalyptic wastelands to four-color superheroes and the chaotic sorceries of dark fantasy. Because of this, it does not contain any specific rules—you and your gaming group will need to decide exactly how these abilities and features are represented in the rules you use in play.

The thing we really love about this product is many of the mutations can be used completely with flavor. No mechanics are necessary, though your table may want to add some. This fantastic supplement makes creating variant monsters a breeze. Below are some of our favorite mutations.

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Mutation Tables:

Body Form

Albino, Alternate locomotion, Headless, Gliding Membranes, backwards parts, changing colors, flippers, hunchback, eyestalks, boils and sores, Antenna, Insect legs/arms, Multiple limbs, internal weapon, my personal favorite...exotic genitalia.

Body Functions:

Malformed mouth, No pain receptors, strong pheromones, Immune to disease/poison, frog tongue, extensible limbs, Excretions, enhanced muscles, Electrical generation, Prehensile hair, Infertile, rubber skin, suckers, saliva substitution,

Mind: Behaviour

Addicted, Drone, Compulsive liar, Berserker, Code of Honor, Daylight stasis, Depression, Breaks down, Phobia, Sexual Prowess, Motherliness, Narcolepsy, Transgender, Paranoia, Nightmares, Migratory, Obsessive, Stuttering, sleepwalking

Mind: Cognition

Dyslexia, Eidetic Memory, Dreamless, Enhanced Senses, Attention Deficit Disorder, Dual brain, decreased mental capacity, genetic memory, Linguistic aptitude, transfer memories, insomnia, mindless, spatial perception