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Monk: Way of Long Death/Sun Soul Class Analysis

Listen to Episode 42: Way of Long Death and Sun Soul Class Analysis

Crit Academy discuss the monk monastic traditions found the Dungeons and Dragon Sword Coast Adventures Guide.

Way of the Long Death

Followers of the Way of the Long Death worship the principle of death more so than any deity of death.

These monks seek the secrets of life by studying death itself. It is the condition of being dead that concerns them most, and not what lies beyond; the afterlife holds little interest for them. Their monasteries are full of decaying, dying, and dead animal and plant specimens, which they study with detached interest.

Touch of Death

At 3rd level. Killing and enemy heals you with temp hp. This is great for sustained melee combat as lost hit points can be quickly recovered, especially if your DM likes to toss large groups of weak enemies at the party.

Hour of Reaping

At 6th level, you can unsettle or horrify those around you as an action, for your soul has been touched by the shadow of death. Fear? yes please. We talk in great detail of how cool you can make this feature with flavor. Adding a haunting grim reaper peering over your shoulder threatening to remove the enemies head.

Master of Death

At 11th level, your familiarity with death allows you to escape its grasp.

Touch of the Long Death

At 17th level. You can channel death energy into a creature.

Way of the Sun Soul

Just as the body has a shadow, so too does the spirit have a light. That light is called the sun soul. Brothers and sisters of the Order of the Sun Soul train to tap into the "spiritual light within" and manifest it as supernatural feats of prowess and endurance.

Radiant Sun Bolt

At 3rd lvl you gain the power to launch searing radiant energy bolts. DnD5e...Dragonball Z? Who the hell WOULDN'T want to sling balls of exploding chi energy at their enemies?

You can use a bonus action to make two additional attacks if you used this feature. Now you can unleash a scattered barrage of chi blasts blowing up objects around you. lol.

Searing Arc Strike

AT 6th lvl. Ki channeled into energy waves.

Searing Sun Burst

At 11th lvl light energy erupts into a devastating outward explosion. instant.

Each creature in a 20 foot radius must make a con save or take 2d6 radiant damage. Creatures behind cover automatically succeed.

Increase spheres damage by expending ki points by 2d6 per point to a max of 3.

Sun Shield

At 17th lvl, you are wreathed in an aura of luminous energy.

Segment 4: Unearthed Tips and Tricks! (We give you creative content for your next adventure)

Character Concept: Culinary King/Queen

Out to discover the best recipes from around the world

Tests all kinds of rare delicacies

Easily see a bard reflavoring song of rest as a nice prepared meal.

Monster Variant: Sand Ninja

Origin: Bandit Captain


Sand Step. Instead of moving, the sand ninja throws a vial that explodes into loose desert sand at its feet, and immediately teleports to another unoccupied space within 10 feet. Any creature within 5 feet must succeed at dexterity saving throw of 13 or be blinded until the end of their turn. This movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks. After using this trait in sand terrain, sand ninja can take a Hide action even if under direct observation. The sand ninja must be able to see where it wants to go.

Encounter: An acquired taste.

A local Dutchess has recently been returned home.

Since her return she has thrown wonderful parties with absolutely wonder selections of meat.

Also since her return, people have been going missing.

Players discover:

She was stranded in a snowy wilderness during her travels with her servants and guards.

They lost their way.

In order to survive, she was forced to do the unthinkable, devour the flesh of those around her.

Turns out, she enjoyed the succulent taste of the flesh of man.

Upon her return, she started trying the flesh of other humanoids, goblin, elf, dwarf, halfling.(great opportunity for unique races like tiefling and dragonborn)

Magic Item: Sovereign Paste

This gray paste creates a virtually unbreakable bond between two objects it glues together.


Use an action to apply this glue to an object, and affix that object to another object within reach. The two objects must remain affixed to one another until the start of your turn, after which, separating them requires a DC 29 Strength check. On a successful check each object takes 2d10 damage.

Dungeon Master Tip: Cole McCann: EZ token maker!

Pick - a palooze DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Useless/cheap Trading cards (magic, yugioh, and such)

They come out nice and crisp, additionally, the picks have a point to represent direction facing

Great for monsters, NPC’s, PC’s

Also a pog puncher can be used for larger creatures or items.

Player Tip: Don’t be a Dick!

Build characters that play well with others. You go on adventures to have fun. What good does it do to roll a character who doesn't want to party up, or go out on an adventure? If you're planning on rolling that time of character, then roll up two of them. One, that at the beginning of the game you can say "Steve chooses to sit in the corner and ignore the the Innkeepers plea." Then put that character away, and grab Billy, who leaps to his feat to help the elderly innkeeper with the group.

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