• Justin Handlin

Note Taking Tips for Dungeons & Dragons Players

Sorceress reading spellbook, Dungeons & Dragons
Artist: Charles Urbach

Guest Writer: Ashley Gage

If you’re anything like me, taking notes during a dnd session can be more intimidating than the quest you’re taking the notes for. Especially if you’ve been playing for 3+ hours and are struggling to pay attention. Taking notes can seem daunting, especially if you’re not usually the designated scribe, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some of my tried-and-true note-taking methods that break it down in a much more manageable system.

First, it can be hard to know what is even worth taking notes on. After all, if everything is important, nothing’s important, i.e.- it’s hard to find key pieces of information amid scribbles of less important things. Try breaking down categories of what might be helpful to your campaign. The main four I use are;

  1. Locations

  2. NPCs

  3. Tasks our party needs to complete and any info that directly informs those tasks

  4. Lore.

You can add more categories as you go depending on what becomes important within your world, like if the weather plays a major role. But these four core categories usually appear in any campaign.

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Location Notes can be broken down from largest to smallest; are you on a different planet/ continent? Within this continent, what are the countries, cities, towns, and important places within the town(s) you visit? Not every place in the town is going to be relevant but knowing places you and your party are likely to frequent, and any place the dm mentions, might be worth noting. And it’s okay if the towns have no locations within them if specific buildings aren’t important! Sometimes it’s enough to just know you passed through that town.