• Justin Handlin

Optional Dungeons & Dragons Combat Rules You Should Be Using in Dungeons & Dragons

When it comes to combat, we are always looking for ways to ensure our combat is as engaging and dynamic as possible. The Dungeon Master’s Guide gives us some pretty great starting points. While I have lots of my own thoughts and adjustments to these and more. I wanted to start you off with what Wizards of the Coast recommends, and share my thoughts on each of them with you. Below is a quick overview of the advantages, and disadvantages. This is important because each option adds both pros and cons to the game. Now, let’s get into it.


First, let's get into the advantage of adding some of these options into your Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game.

Plain and simple, they just give the player characters and monsters more options and actions they can take in combat. This means we can easily add an additional layer of complexity and depth to the game. Something, many old-school fans feel 5e is lacking. It further puts more rules into play for specific types of actions and options, that otherwise are left ambiguous, that often lean more on the DMs adjudication.