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Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

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Adventurers will find themselves tested in many ways during their careers seeking fame, fortune, justice, and truth. Some of these tests will challenge their strength, agility, spellcasting knowledge, and combat skills. Other encounters will require diplomacy, conversation, observation skills, and social interaction. A rare challenge provides elements of both and requires deeper thinking and analysis. Such puzzles are meant to guard treasure and secrets, and present a unique challenge to characters and players. They also suggest a worthy reward lies on the other side.

In this episode we discuss Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities a collection of logic puzzles, brain teasers, and encoded sequences intended to test the problem solving and deductive reasoning of characters and players. These puzzles are designed to be easily placed into any adventure with no additional work, yet also provide guidance on how Dungeon Masters can customize the details to best fit into their own campaigns.

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Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities and Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities II

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Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities and Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities II

Perplexity Rating and Scaling Puzzle Difficulty

The Skeleton Court