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Remarkable Inns

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Crit Academy has the pleasure of being joined by the amazing Chris van der Linden, the genius behind the popular roleplaying game product developer Loresmyth! He discusses with us his amazing Remarkable Inns and Their Drinks!

Every story has a beginning, and more often than not they start in a tavern! Now you can turn boring tavern visits into memorable, exciting roleplaying events. Populate your world with taverns and NPC’s your players are wanting to return to… for another drink!

  • 88- Pages, For Any RPG system

  • Writers: Greg Rycerz, Katie Rose, Richie Lewin, Chris van der Linden

  • hardcover, softcover, pdf

Remarkable Inns! Interview Questions with Chris van der Linden

Chris, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Hey I'm a creative workaholic that has played a lot of DnD over the years, and ever since I created my first adventure The Claws of Madness a few years back, I got into creating roleplaying products. LoreSmyth was born and people seem to like what products I release.


What is your most memorable D&D moment?

I have very fond memories of Shadowdale back in the AD&D era, it’s not particularly epic but I still have a lot of memories of the adventures we had.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Loresmyth and how it came to be?

It really started pretty unassumingly. I made an adventure book because I thought it would be fun to do. It turned out to take a year cause I am not a skilled writer, so if not for Ben from Goblin Stone, I would have never finished it. Then the adventure became a best seller, and people wanted more. That’s how it all started really, so if it wasn’t for Ben’s encouragement and help, Loresmyth would have not materialized. Recently I returned the favor to a young aspiring publisher Poison Pot Press, who, with my help launched their debut adventure Shore of Dreams, which also went best seller in a week!

What is Remarkable Inns?

It’s a glorious inspirational source book on taverns and everything in it. From food to drinks, npcs, rumors, mysterious things, wonderful things. Its 88 pages and is really made to give DM’s something to browse through often and find little nuggets of things to put into their campaign.

What makes Inns so important, that they needed their own supplement?

I think it contains much more than people would assume from the title. It has over 100 unique story hooks, memorable NPCs, ready- made drinks and dishes with special effects, lists of services and their prices, how to string together a bar brawl. There’s a lot of inspirational stuff, that makes it far less situational than one might think!

Why do you think people should purchase this item or creating their own content?

Well, everyone’s busy and preparing a good session takes time. This book will make it a lot easier to create a memorable experience next time the players burst into a tavern. You will have no problems letting them know what specials are on the menu, or what NPC brings itself to the attention for a spinoff quest. At the very least, this book will inspire you to create your own memorable content