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Running D&D Combat

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Crit Academy discusses running combat in your Dungeons and Dragons games. We focus on tips and tricks for getting the most out of your combat. Combat is by far the structured format of the game. We walk through the process, rules and examples of how combat is run. We discuss getting the most out of your roleplayer experience by flavoring your actions during combat, this will overall enhance your fun during your D&D game. Don't worry about sounding ridiculous. In stage acting their is a rule. Until you get to the point, until your actions feel ridiculous, you don't look natural.

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Character Concept:

When thinking of a backstory for your wizard, consider how they managed to afford their

arcane tuition. Perhaps they still owe a lot of money to their kingdom or to a patron who

holds it over them. Do they intend to pay back the money, or will they just stay away long

enough for their benefactor to forget?

Do you still owe the Academy hundreds of gold pieces for all that time you spent slaving

over scrolls and manuscripts? Do you feel like you wasted your time staring at those dusty

pages with nothing to show for it but debt? Well, you’re not alone. There are hundreds of

other wizards just like you. You’ve spent years poring over tomes, taking tests, and completing challenges, and for what?! Just to be stuck for the rest of your life, paying them as a thank you? Pfft. Forget that!

Obviously you need to start figuring things out on your own. You may end up blowing up

and losing a few limbs, but it’s better than being a financial slave to the kingdom! It’s robbery! You’ll end up having to take to adventuring to make the money to pay them back, or else you’d be avoiding harassment from the kingdom’s officials.

All wizards do it: they say they’re out for adventure and to learn new things. We know

they’re just running from their kingdoms so they don’t have to pay the bill.

Encounter Concept:

The players have been traveling along the road, and they encounter a family whose wagon

wheel has broken leaving them stranded miles from the nearest crossroads. When the players stop to help (or just stop to trade information), WHAM! The “family” turns out to be a group of highwaymen who set up an ambush to separate travelers from their money.

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