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Shore of Dreams

Crit Academy discusses interviews Florian Emmerich creator of the amazing Mithral best-selling Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition adventure Shore of Dreams.

This was bar none, one of the single best adventurers I have ever ran or played in. Inside contains content that touches on all three of the important pillars of a game. To top it all of it is done very well in each instance, allowing all variety of players to shine. The setting, the art, the atmosphere, all are top notch. Here is a brief detail of the adventure.

Buried decades ago, the great treasure of the notorious Captain Jadescale is waiting at the Mistcliff.

Though the exact location of the treasure is unknown, it’s said that the owner of the Shore of Dreams has clues about the location, although nothing is ever that straightforward when it comes to treasure.

Can you unearth the secrets of the treasure of Captain Jadescale or will you be undone by its mystery? A Dungeons & Dragons adventure for characters of level 5 to 7. This 3 - 6 hours adventure features:

• 18 pages full with social encounters, dungeon crawling, puzzles and a hint of mystery • custom art and handouts* for your players • custom map with a DM and a player version* • new monsters, npcs & magic items

Unearthed Tips and Tricks! We bring you new and reusable content for your to bring with you on your next adventure.

Character Concept:

The REAL monsters!

As an adventure killing monsters is the norm, and this character was no exception.

Monsters are evil...and need to be dealt with before they hurt innocent people. Slaying kobolds, goblins and the like without hesitation.

An experience changed this hero though. Severely injured in a fight against an orc that was stealing from a farmers stock. He awoke in a tiny hut, his wounds being tended to by…. a goblin elder.

He was taken care of and treated with kindness and tenderness.

Throws everything he thought about monsters in disarray. Aren't all goblins bad? During his recovery a group of adventurers pass through and discover the goblin and kill him. Chopping him limb from limb and celebrating the goblins death with victory. (maybe they torture him first)

...who is the real monsters? He no longer knows, he slayed the young adventurers for their “evil” deeds...

Monster Variant: Chromatic Kobold

Origin: Orc

New Features:

Language: Draconic - Loses Orc

Chromatic Scales: The scales on the chromatic kobold are able to adapt to incoming elemental threats. When the chromatic kobold takes acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder damage it instantly uses its reaction to gain resistance to the triggering damage type changing its scale color to match that element.. When this effect triggers, it ends the previous resistance effect on the chromatic kobold.

Chromatic Breath Weapon(Recharge 5-6): The chromatic kobold exhales a powerful magical blast of energy based on its current scale color for (2d6+2) of that type on a failed save and half as much on a success.. See list.

Type: Weapon Type

Acid: 5 by 30 ft line (12 Dex save)

Cold 15 ft cone (12 Con save)

Fire 15 ft cone (12 Dex save)

Lightning 5 by 30 ft line (12 Dex save)

Thunder 10 foot cube centered on the kobold (12 Con Save)


Burning Wagon

A group of bandits ride into to a small town and threaten to burn the town to the ground if the village doesn’t give them all their valuables.

Heroes arrive the day the attack is to take place.

The encounter starts as several wagons burning in flames comes careening down a hill into the mill, the town hall and several residence.

The Bandits are smart, and keep their distance, attacking with ranged bows from max range(600 ft).

The players have to decide, to attempt to engage the bandits now, and potentially let the village burn to the ground, or try to save it by stopping the fires. All the while being fired upon.

If the villagers are tasked with putting out the fire..many will likely die from arrows or the fire.

Make sure to include resources to put out of the flames. Wells, nearby river(need a water train)

Magic Item: Shield Wall Gauntlets

This silver gauntlet has a light blue pulsing crystal embedded on the back of the gauntlets hand. Every pulse sending a light blue pulse of energy that circulates through the gauntlet like a heartbeat. Two commands are written in elvish on the gauntlet.

While wearing this gauntlet you can make a fist with it and use an action to speak its command word Umbas. When you do, a light blue arcane energy takes the form of a tower shield around the gauntlet. This shield counts as a +1 magical shield. The spell effect ends when you speak the command word as a bonus action.

Once you have used the first command word to activate the gauntlets shield effect a new action becomes available.

As an action you can shout the command word Umbas Ramba. When you do the shield expands to a dome shape that stretches out to a 10 foot radius around the caster. All creatures inside have total cover. Lasts up to a minute. Caster must use their action to sustain the shield.

Dungeon Master Tip:

Use spell components to drive quests and interactions

Often casters complain about tracking specific components, the component pouch and arcane focus cover a lot of the spells, but here are few that have a cost.

Not only does this offer flavor for the spell, but not all loot is going to contain expensive diamonds.

Spells such as revivify and true resurrection are extremely useful, but attaining the power to be able to bring the dead back to life now requires more than just power that can be attained. It requires specific and difficult to get materials.This can explain why kings of wealth still die. A king can have a vast wealth, and a powerful caster, but if he doesn’t have 25,000 gp of that wealth in diamonds, well, he is shit out of luck.

Revivify is much more likely to used by players, so forcing them to seek out 300 gp worth of diamonds just to ensure if an accident does happen, they can undo it, and that’s just for a single use.

This really encourages them to want to make trades and bargain with all the gold and other random gems they’ve acquired.

Player Tip: Don’t be a Dick

Don’t be afraid to fail.

It’s not the end of the world. Don’t get pissed cause you rolled low. Not every arrow hits its target, not every grapple gets an enemy, and not every pit jump is successful.

Failure can, and often will, move the story forward.

This can be just as much fun(and often hilarious) as succeeding.

Failing can make those wins feel all the more epic.

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