• Justin Handlin

Tools to Enhance your D&D Games

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Let's be honest, all you really need to play Dungeons and Dragons is the Basic Rules, some pencils, dice and paper. Today we discuss the different tools that can be used to bring your Dungeons and Dragons games to the next level. This includes, miniatures, battle grid, random generators, note passing and so much more.

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Unearthed Tips and Tricks: New and reusable D&D content for you to bring with you on your next adventure.

Character Concept:

Title Collector

It’s common for your character to have a host of accomplishments that they’ve added to their reputation. Imagine if your character took this to heart and insisted that they receive the praise and acclaim they deserve.

Every time you achieve something noteworthy, keep track of your exploits (either in-character or out). When introducing yourself, don’t simply announce yourself as “Rondok.” Instead, you are “Rondok, Slayer of Kings and Dragons, Breaker of Worlds, Defender of Nations, Liberator of Slaves, Bane of Demons, Banger of Men/Women…” Keep a list if you need to, and make sure to announce every single title as often as possible.

You can’t let even one commoner forget who you are and why you should be praised! You might even find yourself specifically seeking out quests that you know will bring you

a worthwhile title. Sure, you could rescue the princess, but you already rescued a princess

a while back and it would seem gauche to use the same title twice. There’s that portal to the

Abyss that needs to be closed; it’s a bit more dangerous, but hey, it’ll get you a new title...

Encounter Concepts:

The Final Countdown

While walking along through a dungeon, the party enters a room that is pitch black with

magical forces suppressing all light sources, even darkvision. Shortly after they enter, they

hear the doors on either side of the room immediately slam shut at which point the lights

come back on. Of course the sight before them is not a welcome one: the walls are cover