• Justin Handlin

Using Sentient Magic Items in Dungeons & Dragons

gold dragon and magic sword for dungeons & dragons

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Sentient Magic Items in Dungeons & Dragons

Deep in the tunnels under an ancient obelisk, a thieving rogue pulls a sleek, steel blade from a pile of glittering golden treasure. As she grips the dagger, she hears a curious voice. Dropping the dagger in shock, the blade continues to speak. Inquiring about her travels and sharing tales of its own adventures, including how it ended up in these ever so lonely dragon’s hoard…

Magic items that have personality and will of its own are called a sentient weapon. Whether a bizarre twist of fate or complex ritual, an item can entrap or form its own mind. These extremely rare items can be found scattered throughout the land, lost to history.

There are many benefits to including a sentient item in your Dungeons & Dragons game. I will be discussing a few in the hopes of convincing you why you should include them in your games and provide tips on developing them so they are fun and interesting for everyone. Much like adding an NPC into your story, they can serve a multitude of different functions.