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Druid: Circle of the River

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Druid: Circle of the River

Druids are often secretive and enigmatic. The forest, plains, arctic and desert are all homes to a variety of druidic people. Each of these cultures, known as circles, form close bonds with the primal spirits of nature. Their close tie to the natural environment allows them to access the primal magics from the environment, sculpting their personalities, powers and skills.


The druid’s bond to the primal spirits are so intertwined that it has gifted the druids the power to take the shape of nature’s most beautiful and deadly beasts. There is a small circle of druids who understand that all creatures have strengths and weaknesses, and thus they set out to learn how to take the best of each creature and adapt them to a single form. Flowing like a river, their body flows and adapts to take on the best features without fully embracing the complete form. These druids follow the Circle of the River.


This 5th Edition D&D resource is a complete player option for druids. The PDF includes rules for the Druid class archetype, lore, and tables for enhancing your character's story and background.