Three Magi in bethlehem

The Living Testament: The Three Magi

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Bring the most iconic Bible story to life for young disciples.



The Living Testament is a 5th Edition roleplaying game that drops the players right into the story. Walk alongside the Magi as they follow the star of Jacob. Protect them from wild beasts, sabotage King Herod’s plans, and fend off his army while Mary and Joseph escape with baby Jesus.


A new and fantastic way to include young disciples in learning the bible stories in a way that is engaging, memorable, and most importantly, fun.



Over 80 pages of content and rules for roleplaying bible stories.

A starter adventure to introduce the young disciples to the bible and roleplaying.

Beautiful and thematic artwork.

Pregenerated character sheets that you can print off for the players.

Each pre-generated character ready to print and play.

5th Edition Compatible


This d&d 5e book is designed to drop your players right into the stories of the Bible. Perfect for a Sunday School setting. Players will immerse themselves right into the story of the Three Magi as they follow the star to baby Jesus. This book includes the full rules needed to play and does not require any additional D&D resource books.