Witiker's Well of Wondrous Magic Items

Witiker's Well of Wondrous Magic Items

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Welcome to Witiker’s Well of Wondrous Magic Items. This tome contains the powerful Archimage Witiker Von Elilume III’s knowledge. Which has been imbued in an arcane well.


Witiker's Wondrous Well imbues mundane items with powerful magic. Inside you will find three generators for magic items. These can be used to spice up any game as instantly generated loot or to diversify the weapons of enemies. Within, are weapons with incredible effects such as immolating the flesh of foes that their steel bites into, or simpler ones that emit light in dark times. One may also find armors that can withstand the toxic corrosiveness of a dark dragon or the frigid cold of an ice mage. Finally, there lie potions that can still the mind of the drinker and solidify their inner walls to prevent prying charms or spells from peeking or interfering within. Use this book for it all; it is here to serve you.  


The Generator is separated into three sections. The first one is for the creation of Weapons. The middle section contains Equipment of all kinds. At the end lies the potion generator. Using the generators is straightforward and explained briefly before each section. Create to your heart’s content; Witiker looks forward to it.


Easy d100 tables to randomly generate magic items for the 5th edition of the world's greatest role-playing game.