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Words of Power

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Words of Power is a collection of magical words and spell incantations for your 5th Edition Roleplaying Game spells.


If you’ve ever played a spellcaster in 5th Edition, you have undoubtedly said “I cast...” as part of declaring your action. Am I right? Don’t worry, that’s how most people do it, and there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes though, you want a little more out of your casters, something more than just shouting the name of the spell you’re casting. Maybe, what you’re looking for is incantations. Magical words to go with those reality-altering spells. Well have no fear, Crit Academy is here. Now, instead of sitting at the table and saying, “I cast firebolt.” you shout with glee “Burn, dart of flame! Fulmen Ignis!” and a bolt of blue fire leaps from your character's fingertips, setting that pesky little kobold on fire. Never again cast spells in such a mundane way again.


This 5th Edition D&D resource book is full of magical spell incantations to bring flavor an excitement to your D&D 5th Edition spells.