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G.U.N Mage

February 18, 2019

The G.U.N Mage is a sorcerous origin, an archetype for the 5th edition sorcerer class.


While many sorcerers find themselves able to naturally tap into the well of magic inside of them, some are not so lucky. There search for a way to tap into this power has lead them into using artificially enhanced arcane focuses that pull the power inside within their reach. These special focuses are known as Genetic Unconventional Neo-focus, or G.U.N for short.

While they have full access to their meta-magic, G.U.N. Mage often find themselves feeding their power into their G.U.N.'s more often than not, as the tools, have a way of altering and enhancing the power. Allowing a G.U.N. Mage to use the power in unconventional ways.


This archetype focuses on the converting of spells slots into a malleable burst of power. This build was inspired by a reflavored sorcerer that I have ran in many games. Special thanks to all the play testers.



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