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Episode 146: Taverns, Inns, and Taprooms

November 24, 2019

Episode 146: Tavern's Inns, and Taprooms

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This week we cover a one-stop gastronomic and relaxation resource for DMs and Players alike. Explore 9 unique location-agnostic businesses, each one offering a different suite of services, amenities, NPCs, food, lodging, and drink for your 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Pour over 10 full pages of charts and prompts to build your own establishment, complete with pricing and descriptions. Take a look at 4 unique planar locations written by Loren Peterson of the Nerds on a Roll podcast. Enjoy 56 unique alcoholic beverages made to fit in almost any setting, complete with rare ingredients, prices, and rare effects. Finally, entice your players with a suite of 12 unique magic items, for when the promise of food and drink is not enough!

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