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Tools to Enhance Your Game!


Ramp up your role-playing game (RPG) and make your character your own with this fun, interactive workbook—an essential addition to any player’s gaming kit.

You’ve chosen your class, bought your weapons, and rolled for your stats, and you’re now the proud owner of your own RPG (role-playing game) avatar. But before you begin your adventure, there’s so much more you can do with your character to make him or her your own! Just how evil is she? What does his dating profile look like? Where did she get that scar? What does he want for his birthday? With fill-in-the blank narratives, prompts, and fun activities to help you customize your character at the start of the game, or build out your backstory as you play, The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Book will help you fully imagine your character and bring them to life for the ultimate gaming experience!

Starter Painting Set!

    Big Bucket of Monsters!

  Vinyl Battlemat            

Wet Erase

Laminated Battlemap

 Dice Pack            

Urban Site Maps

Dice Tower

Mimic Dice Pouch

Storyteller Cards

DM Screen

Kobold Fight Club

Kobold Fight Club

5th Edition Spellbook

Player Tent

DONJON Generator

DONJON Generator

Dungeons and Dragons Assorted Miniatures

Midgard Heroes Handbook


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