A Podcast to bring our listeners new and reusable content for their next D&D adventure.
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Character Concept

We give you a player character or non player character concept idea. 

Monster Variant

We take an existing monster and add existing mechanics to the monster to give your monsters not only a little bit of flavor, but also to catch those meta-gaming players by surprise.

Encounter Concept

We give you an encounter concept that can be used to in your next game, or used to spark additional ideas and creative ways to demolish your players.

Magic Item

We give you a magic item concept that you can add to your treasure hoards for your heroes to discover, or give to an enemy to help slay heroes who challenge them.

DM Tips

We give you wonderful tips to help you become the best Dungeon Master we know you can be.

Player Tips

Don't be a Dick! We give you a few pointers on how best to avoid dickatude!

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This Area is in phase 1. As we continue to work towards cropping out the UTT's they will gradually be added to the list. These samples are provided to everyone. The rest will be for patron donors.


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