• Justin Handlin

Class Analysis: Barbarian and Fighter

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We walk through the features of the Barbarian and Fighter in the Dungeon and Dragons Player Handbook. We give our thoughts on the best uses for these features and discuss examples of how we could describe them(reflavor) to make them feel fresh and unique. From Barbarians rage being more like a Zen like state of that of a Samurai, to the Fighter's second wind being a steroid like syringe injection.


50 Shades of Rage: flavoring the Barbarian's Signature Power

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Character Concept:

The Unwitting Noble

You’ve received some terrible news: your family, nobles of the highest pedigree living

in the capitol, have just been executed by the king. According to the public reports, they were accused of treason for attempting a coup. You know this is untrue, so you’ve been journeying across the land to drum up support against the unjust regime that would assassinate an innocent noble family and slander an honest bloodline in such a way!

However, as it turns out, your family WAS attempting a coup, and the king’s execution

of them was just. You don’t know that. You’ll probably find out some day, but only at the

end of a long campaign of political intrigue. Work with your DM to bring about this reveal.

You may even want to consult the DM before creating your character (away from the rest of

the players) so that it will be kept secret from the rest of the players until the moment when

the final reveal happens. It may require a lot of buildup to make it work, but this background

can provide a unique twist to the typical Noble character background.

Encounter Concept:

The Fog Troupe

The players are hired to stop a group of bandits that have been attacking trade caravans and

noble carriages passing through the nearby woods. The party adventures out, intent on

finding the bandits and bringing them to justice. However, as they investigate, they