• Justin Handlin

Class Analysis: Bard and Rogue

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In Episode 11, we answer a question how to increase the variety of shields in Dungeons and dragons without having to make them magic items or just give them the traditional AC bonus. Easily expanding the usefulness of the shield from just a simple design they currently have in D&D 5th Edition. Such as lowering the AC and allowing the use of the Fighting Style once an encounter, or even just simply reflavoring the use of the Dodge mechanic as a flavor for a tower shield.

In our main topic we break down the features of the Bard and Rogue features in the Dungeon and Dragons Player Handbook. We touch on the mechanics and how they function, as well how we would reflavor them to give them a fresh and unique feel.

For example, the Bard's signature spell Vicious Mockery was reflavored by a Justin for his summoner, where it summoned a special archer for an instant who loosened homing arrow. Are character concept is a reflavoring of the Bard and may spark your own creative ideas. On another Tiefling character, Justin reflavored the Fast Hands feature as a prehensile tail, to easily explain why he was so adept and quick with levers, potions, and all the mundane gear used.

Unearthed Tips and Tricks: New and reusable D&D content for you to bring with you on your next adventure.

Character Concept:

The Mime

The battle begins, and the bandits begin to close in from every direction. The fighter readies her blade, the cleric grips his holy symbol, and the wizard clutches his staff, but the bard reaches behind his back and pantomimes grabbing an invisible rope to toss at the nearest foe. Suddenly, the foe’s body contorts: his arms become stuck to the sides of his body as he

stares down in disbelief. The bard gives the “rope” a tug, and the foe jerks forward. He’s

barely able to keep his balance, and the rest of the bandits look around in confusion giving the party just the edge they need to attack!

The Mime is essentially just a reflavoring of the Bard, but they turn their Bardic Performance into a pantomime rather than music. Vicious Mockery is a great spell to get creative with. What better way to deal your psychic damage or cause your foe to miss their next attack than by pretending to choke your foe from the other side of the room?

This character concept could even work for a character who is unable to speak; they could use their pantomime out of combat as their primary means of communication. Have fun with it!

Encounter Concept:

Murder Mystery

The players are invited to a lavish dinner at a noble’s mansion (possibly as a reward for

a previous job done). Many people of renown are in attendance, and everything seems to be

going splendidly - until the host turns up dead. The heroes must find out who committed the

murder by investigating clues, following red herrings, cross-checking alibis, and exploring

secret passageways. If they can’t find out who killed the host (and where, and with what