• Justin Handlin

Create Great Adventure Hooks

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An adventure hook is a powerful tool used in Dungeons and Dragons to drive the players into an adventure, gather their party, or anything else set out like a fishing line to "hook" the players into the story. Today we share guidelines for creating great adventure hooks your player's won't want to miss out on.

Grab the PC’s Attention

A great hook can make a character stop in their tracks and address it

  • PC’s are abruptly interrupted by a noble and asked to be his guard.

  • PC’s hear a shout in the distance “THIEF!”

Weak hooks may not stand out and thus get easily missed by the PC’s or they may not care.

Clearly establish why the PC’s care

Offer something to compel the PC’s to pursue the hook

  • Currency reward is most common

  • Unique service or access

Relate the problem to the PC’s

  • The PC’s were all raised in an orphanage, and it was attacked

  • Merchants aren’t coming to town due to ambush by bandits. Food and other shortages

Offer a solution to a problem they have

  • A close friend or mentor was murdered or has gone missing

  • You see a man with a large battered cloak with hawk images on it. Piece of cloth with a similar image on it was found at a crime scene.

Create a Call to Action

If PC’s don’t take the bait on the hook, they may need a bit of a push

  • There have been threats on a noble’s life that requested the guarding is on fire.

  • More and more people are being robbed, now the PC’s find their own articles missing.

A call to action maybe a result of inaction

  • The noble who wanted to hire them goes missing.

  • The thief is now leaving behind victims wounded or worse.

Mix and Match Different Types of Hooks

The old, you’re in a Tavern and are approached buy a weird looking person…gets old.

  • The PC’s are called upon by someone.

  • Someone or something goes missing.

  • Small village or town is attacked.

  • PC’s stumble upon a corpse.

Give the PC’s choices when possible