• Justin Handlin

Crit Academy Store is now Open!

Hail there Adventurer! Our new fresh shop is now open for business. Stocked full of everything you need on your tabletop adventures! Please, kick up your weary feet and browse our fine wares!


UNEARTHED ADVENTURES: VOLUME 1 is a collection of six professionally written one page adventures for Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons. They are designed to be modular, they can be tossed into an ongoing RPG campaign or run as single adventure.

THE BLADEDANCER a 5th Edition Ranger Archetype for those who wish to fight like the creatures of the wild. They evolved their weapon training styles by observing creatures of nature and adapting their fluid movements into dance-like combat stances.

THE SYMBIOTE a D&D 5th Edition reflavor of the Barbarian/Fighter multiclass to give your character new life as one of the most iconic anti-heroes in comic book history!

Also check our out dice bathed in the breath of powerful dragons! Slay your next foe with these magical tools!


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